2016 a year of change

5-unforgettable-moments-in-my-20162016 was unlike any year I have ever had or will ever have again. 2016 brought marriage and matrimony, Texas and Missouri, a whole new home and adorable puppy into my life.

From planning a wedding to moving 500 miles. 2016 is a year I will never forget.

1. Living in Dallas – I moved to Dallas from a small town in Missouri at the end of 2015. Dallas… a city of dreams! I am not sure if anyone else on this planet has ever called it that, but for me that is exactly what it was. I accepted a job with a large retailer as a business analyst and moved 500 miles away from anyone I even remotely knew. AND I LOVED IT. Don’t get me wrong, my family is everything to me, but I loved the challenge and the thought of unlimited possibilities.

When I made the decision to leave Texas, it was hard to leave all the people I had connected so closely to. It was extremely hard to leave Dallas- the place that gave the 22 year old girl an opportunity to grow and change  into a woman. Now here I am in middle Missouri. What am I going to do now?


2.Planning a wedding- I had a wedding planner, 500 planning apps, the whole nine yards. Lucky for me, I am the only daughter my parents have so this was as much my mom’s wedding as my own.

I LOVE lists, if i could be a professional list maker and get paid for it, I would. So if you are a list maker, planning a wedding is without a doubt for you.

Thanks to Pinterest I was able to compare my budget to the $500k weddings in California and New York and ask myself, “Why can’t I seem to find that at my local Marshalls?”. Sometimes Pinterest can be your best friend and your own worst enemy. All in all- wedding planning can be stressful, but I had a blast (I would NEVER do it again though).

3. Finding out I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian syndrome). This is one of the leading causes of infertility for woman and also my worst fear. I am by no means ready to jump on the baby bandwagon, but it has always been a dream to have a big family. You can only imagine when the doctor tells me “You have PCOS, meaning it might be hard for you to have children” followed by “So would you like to start birth control again?”

UTTER SHOCK.  Not only because of the news, but because another human-being could be so insensitive to what she was telling me.

To really put the cherry on top, she tells me that I need to eat healthier and exercise more often. I wanted to shake the lady and scream “I just ran 30 sprints and ate a boiled egg and greens before I got here! AND ITS ONLY 9AM!!!”.

Moral of the story: I have PCOS. I have prayed and prayed. Only time will tell if my own children are in the cards.



4. Building my wedding venue with my Dad- Thats right, if wedding planning isn’t already stressful enough. Try building your wedding venue.

It was my dad’s idea. Get married your hometown he said. It will be beautiful and unique he said. Keep in mind this proposed location is a cow pasture. Not the decked out chandelier ballroom I had envisioned.

But, I went with the idea and turns out my Dad was right (who knew). It was perfect. Besides the fact we were finishing the “pavilion” a day before the wedding, I will always have those memories to cherish with my dad.


5. Getting married and becoming a real family.– Of course getting married tops the list. Most people told me – It will be the best day of your life!  Now if that is the best day of my life then I am, quite honestly, screwed!

Sure it was beautiful and everything I had planned, from the shimmer of the linens to the length of the grass, but I was running on fumes or mainly just sugar from mimosas.

The best part about getting married is that Elgin and I finally get to be a family with our fur baby, Remmy. As if that was not enough change, I begged and begged for a new puppy for Christmas. So now we are a happy little family of four. Elgin, Sarah, Remmy and the new fur ball, Merle.

Although, I have been feeling lost with no direction on how to reach my dreams, after looking back on 2016 I will admit life is pretty darn good.




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