A year in the life of…


Thanks for helping me check another thing off my bucket list in 2017! From Mizzou to the corporate retail industry I am knocking another to-do off my list this year.

My name is Sarah Rees and I am a 24 year old just trying to find my path in life, but can’t even seem to find the road. I took all the right steps- go to a big university, pursue a degree you are passionate about, make the grades that stand above the crowd and land the corporate job in a big city. Yet, here I am not knowing what next step to take and that is how I got here… typing it all up as I  hide behind the screen and hope that maybe one or two people will catch a whiff.

The point of my blog is to capture one year in the life of Sarah Rees. No I am not a celebrity or “Instafamous” and sometimes I wonder if anything I have to say is even worth the ten minutes it will take me to type it all out. To be honest, I am just afraid- afraid of being criticized, afraid of saying the wrong thing, afraid of FAILURE.


Don’t let fear decide your fate.

And this is the conclusion I have come to.

My goal is to capture as much through 2017 so one day I can treasure my ups and downs, so basically- my “dear diary” just became accessible to the entire world.


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