Attitude of Gratitude

What determines if our day is going to be productive? What determines if we are going to take a positive approach to anything that comes our way? Attitude.


We all wake up on “the wrong side of the bed” some days. Mondays are the absolute worst for me. I don’t want to go to work, I don’t want to teach class, I don’t want to deal with anyone… I don’t, I don’t, I just don’t. Negative thoughts lead to negative days, which ultimately lead to a life surrounded with negativity.

Negativity. We all struggle with it at some point, some more than others. Our lives are direct results of the thoughts we have. Negative energy and attitudes are vastly contagious, but guess what, so is positive energy.

Look around at the most successful people you know- the entrepreneurs you look up to, the CEOs you wish to be or the young professionals that continue to pursue their dreams. Chances are they do not sit around feeling sorry for themselves, waiting for things to get done. They know how to CONQUER their day and they do so with a positive attitude.


It starts with one small step- gratitude. Gratitude is a gateway emotion to infinite positivity and correlating productivity levels. The sky is the limit. If we start by writing down 3 things every morning that we are grateful for I think we would be shocked at the difference it makes.

I am making a conscious effort to delete the negative aspects so I can make room for bigger and better things to take place in my life. A thought becomes an action and an action becomes a habit – from there we enter the spiral effect of the thing we call life. You choose which way you spiral.

HAPPINESS is a habit.png

I truly believe for me to find my fullest potential as a wife, fitness instructor, in business and just as a person- it all starts with a positive mindset. Positive thinking is life-changing. It spreads like wildfire across each detail of your life.

There will be those days. God knows there will be those days! Don’t let those days become weeks and weeks become years. My goal is to wake up every morning with a positive outlook and know that I will no longer be my biggest roadblock.