Excellence is a Habit


We all have habits. Good or bad. Biting our nails, exercising, smoking, the list goes on. It all starts somewhere. Mindsets are habits too.

I have watched myself go from having the most disciplined and motivated mindset to the other end of the spectrum, having no hope for what tomorrow will bring.

It doesn’t happen over night. It is a day by day process. Training the mind that it is acceptable to feel sorry for yourself and pile up the clothes on the floor. Telling yourself tomorrow you can change. Tomorrow will be different.


The mind is a muscle. What we put into our mind is directly correlated to how it is shaped–how we think–how we live. Mindsets lead to habits. Good or bad.

Lately, I’ve let excuses become my habit. Excuses of why it is normal to mistreat my body or neglect my mind of intellectual challenges. Excuses of why it is okay to disregard all my relationships and people that mean the most to me.

I received a call from my brother yesterday that brought to mind how meaningful habits and mindsets truly are . Who have I become? This image of who I am portraying is not who I am. But could it be who I am becoming? Be different. Be someone special. Make a change. 

These are all things my brother conveyed to me. Start with yourself. Then you will impact others. It was like a motivational speaker had taken over my brother and knew exactly what I wanted or NEEDED to hear. We are the only ones who can shift our mindset and make the change. 

My brother told me to remember it is not about focusing on the results, it is about the process. Learning to love the process of growing into a person you can be proud of, someone your children will be proud of. Someone that will have a thousand plus people lined up on the day of your funeral like our Grandad did.

It’s simple. While my grandad was in the middle of his “process”, he impacted thousands of people. He was kind, giving and the hardest working man around. His end result was the legacy he left behind and his process was the life he lived every single day. He was a man of excellence. Not because of his compelling actions, but because of his everyday habits and his consistency to do what is right. He knew that the right results do not come from pure luck, they come from perseverance and dedication. The right choices are not always the popular ones, but they are the choices that leave a legacy you can be proud of. BE DIFFERENT. 


My brother told me with all the passion in his voice “Strive to be the best. Don’t go with the flow, SET THE FLOW. “ This is a statement I will never forget.

The worst mindset I have fallen victim to is the one of mediocracy. I have been thinking lately, ‘how come so many people settle for a life of mediocracy?’ Why am I starting to think a mediocre life is just the way things are? Life is more. Life is what you and I choose it to be. 

I can wake up  with the mindset every day that lets the small things get to me or I can wake up knowing that no matter what is thrown my way I WILL conquer the day. The hardest days are the ones that will make me stronger. It is cliché, but it is true.

Mindsets are habits. Habits are hard to break, unless replaced by a different one. I’ve said it before, positivity is contagious. One positive thought leads to another. Positive thoughts lead to a positive mindset. Eventually it will spread through not only me, but those that surround me.

 I want to be a light. I want to be a person that people love to be around because they genuinely make others joyful. I believe it is possible. It all starts with a mindset.


My brother and I made a vow to each other today, to be MORE. To be who God has planned for us to be. It only takes one thought. One thought leads to a habit. A habit leads to a legacy. It’s up to us to decide what kind of legacy we will leave.






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