If It is Broken, Fix It.

This morning my mind was running in a million different directions. As I tried to put a lid on my protein shaker, I realized that for nearly 5 minutes I had been forcing a lid on that did NOT even come close to fitting.

It seems ridiculous, but it hit me- Why do I keep trying to put a lid on something that will NEVER fit.  I’m talking about life. So many times in life I find myself trying to make things happen that will NOT and should NOT happen. I become so consumed with the insignificant aspects that I never take a step back to see why I spend so much time “trying to make the lid fit.”


Self-reflection- it is not an easy process or one that many of us do well. Few times in my life, have I truly taken a step back to consider why I make certain decisions or take specific actions. I have come to the conclusion, that as human-beings we are great at constructing OUR reality to be what we want to see, not what it actually is. The mind is unfathomably powerful. It can justify our actions even when they are the furthest thing from rational.

The past year I have struggled with many things, including making decisions that better me as a person and decisions that will ultimately lead to the life I hope to live. I have felt as though I’m living in a revolving door. Every time I get the chance to exit, I miss the opportunity.

A close friend of mine finally laid it on the line for me- “If there is something in your life you do not like, then FIX IT.”  Stop making excuses for the behaviors that are leading to these results. Find the solution and take the steps necessary to get there. (Thanks for that Brooke:))

fix it

There are a lot of underlying reasons why we do the things we do. Pointing back to circumstances from our childhood, the way people have treated us and certainly the reality we find ourselves in today. But today, I stop making excuses and I will take accountability for my actions. 2018 is a fresh start for all of us.

In the past I have made countless “New Years Resolutions” such as, eat healthier, run a 10k, yada yada…. but, this year I decided to pick a word- my word is FOCUS.


This year I have decided, if I am not adding a positive value to those I come in contact with then what am I truly doing? I want to be a person that others want to be surrounded by. I want to be a person that empowers others to reach their fullest potential. I want to be a person that lifts others up and NEVER brings them down.

In the past, I have not always been the person I strive to be. Some days I will struggle to be a light when everything else around me feels dark. But if I have learned anything over the past year, it is that every minute decision adds up to big results.

The past year those big results are not the ones I want for my life. I refuse to let that stop me from reversing the pattern and becoming something more. I genuinely believe everything in life can be a lesson to learn from. Sometimes it is the hardest lessons that give us the best outcomes.

make dreams happen



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