Sarah Rees

I have a passion for anything in the realm of fitness- I like the challenge to see what my body is capable of and how strong my mind can become.

I have a knack for fashion- showing my personality through my style. Blend in or stick out it’s a day by day decision.

Most importantly, this blog has helped me reconcile my love for writing that I lost while dreadfully developing the 500+ papers over the course of college on subjects that were about as appealing as having celery for dessert.

My life:

I live in central Missouri and currently run all programs, special events and fitness classes at a local YMCA. I graduated from University of Missouri in 2015 and shortly after moved to Dallas, Texas to follow my dream to climb the ranks in the corporate retail industry.


Turns out a man ruined everything (typical) and proposed to me a year after moving to Texas. I returned to Missouri and got married to an amazing man and father to our 2 fur babies.